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If you want to encounter the darker recesses of haunted London, then be sure to join the only Ghost Walks to be led by Richard Jones - an internationally renowned authority on the ghosts of London who has written 22 books on the supernatural and who has been conducting walks around the Capital's most haunted places since 1982.

Richard Jones walking through a dark, spooky alley.

In Richard's company you will visit more of London's paranormally active locations and get to hear the most up to date and recent ghost stories drawn from Richard's extensive files on the Capital's paranormal happenings.

In fact, with Richard as your guide you are guaranteed a fascinating journey through the streets, graveyards and alleyways of old London, where a legion of lost souls have been just dying to make your acquaintance.

And, since Richard is widely regarded as London's premier expert on all things spooky and spectral, he is able to take you to places that other ghost walks never visit, places where those who have joined him on his haunted London tours have frequently encountered possible supernatural activity.

As London's Evening Standard put it:-

"...[ghost tours] of London are now a crowded market, but Richard Jones keeps ahead of the pack with impeccable research, and having honed his performance on more than 5,000 guided tours..."


Richard has been devising and conducting haunted tours since 1982, giving him the distinction of being the Capital's longest established ghost walk guide.

This track record means that, when you join him for a tour, you are being taken round by a guide who has both the knowledge and the experience to provide you with a quality tour.

However, Richard is not one of those dry-as-dust type of guides who drones on in a dull monotone about dry dates and dusty facts; his tours are dramatic performances that are as entertaining as they are enlightening and his dramatic style of presentation will breathe life into the history that surrounds you.

As The Orange County Register put it:-

"Richard Jones, a delightfully animated guide, takes his captivated audience past some parts of London it is a sure bet they would never see otherwise. It's hard not to shiver a few times, but it certainly adds an eerie, realistic air to the adventure..."


Richard is up to date on all the most recent paranormal happenings in London and he knows the places to take you to where ghosts are seen and supernatural activity is experienced.

Simpsons restaurant seen at night.

In these time-frozen places you will rub shoulders (so to speak) with the ghosts of Kings and Queens; the noble and the ignoble; the famous and the long forgotten.

The lost souls who have been biding their time throughout the daylight hours, just waiting for the moment when the shadows descend and every footstep echoes eerily through the darkness.

Then, and only then, can these restless revenants venture by moonlight into the courtyards and passageways of their city - the City of the Dead.

Are you fearless enough to follow in their footsteps?

Dare you walk the shadows to absorb the ambience of their night time haunts?

Do you have the resolve to listen to their stories in the darkness of this haunted hinterland?


In the course of these ghost walks you'll enjoy a delightfully entertaining mix of thrills, chills, fun and fear as you make your way through atmospheric old  byways where you will find yourself looking nervously over your shoulder, ever wary of who, or what, might be waiting around the next corner or lurking just a few graves along.

And, because the locations you visit are genuine haunted hotspots, you might even be fortunate enough (or some might say unfortunate enough) to acquire evidence of their existence.

Indeed, you might even take away your very own souvenir of a paranormal encounter. It has been known to happen on Richard's London ghost walks.


When you take a London ghost walk with Richard Jones you are not joining a guide who has simply read a few ghost stories in a book.

The cover of Richard's book Haunted London.

With Richard's tours you are locating the source, the man who wrote the best-selling and definitive guides to the capital's sinister and supernatural history Walking Haunted London, Jack the Ripper - The Casebook, Haunted London, Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London, and History and Mystery Walks in London.

Richard's books are often used by other guides to plan and research their own haunted London tours.

But, why join a guide who has read a book when you can join the guide who wrote the book?

The guide who has spent almost 40 years travelling the length and breadth of Britain's spectral landscape collecting the spookiest ghost stories and honing his abilities as a storyteller in order to present those tales in a manner that is both gripping and chilling.

As The Independent newspaper put it:-

“...This is among the most reliable of the many London Ghost walks. Richard Jones is a committed story teller...who shares his enthusiasm in the alleyways and hidden courtyards of the City.”


Those who have joined Richard's ghost tours have often commented on his spot-on timing and his superlative storytelling ability and many have written to say how much they enjoyed the experience.

Many of them have commented on just how contagious they have found Richard's passion for the subject and the sheer exuberance of his delivery.

Others have mentioned how his extensive knowledge of haunted and historic London shone through in the course of the tour.

Some have even written in to tell of strange occurrences that they themselves witnessed during a walk.

But, the one thing that they all feel compelled to comment upon is how much fun they had and how impressed they were by how much they learnt on their haunted tour.

A ghost walk group in an old alley.


Dan Neidermyer took Richard's ghost tour on June 7th 1998. He later sent a letter applauding what he considered to be the "best" walk in London.

Dan is something of an expert on guided walks since he has "sounded out" and experienced Richard's competition over many years, making him ideally placed to make an informed decision on how they compare.

This is what he wrote:-

“...I had the privilege of being a member of that very-fortunate-for-choosing "THE-LONDON-GHOST-WALK" audience.

Truly what a fun, fun experience! What an entertainer you are! I've been coming to England - and London in particular for many years.

Over the years, I've done almost all "The Original London walks." In all honesty you are truly the "BEST."

What a great evening. You gave so much to your group. You are a truly talented performer and what a privilege to watch you work.

Thanks for caring so much about a Sunday night group...for truly enjoying performing so much and letting your tour group see your enjoyment...and for giving us a great evening in London, now and in its past!...”

Dan Neidermyer
Maranatha Productions

Richard Jones with a ghost walk group by a church railing.


Andy Vine of Eastbourne Coaches organised a night time tour with Richard and brought a coach load of participants into London.

He later wrote to say what a great night his clients had had.

Again, Andy is in a position to give an informed opinion on the standard and the quality of a tour since he operates coach tours all over the country and so is able to make genuine comparisons. Concerning Richard's guiding and storytelling ability, Andy had this to say:-

“...Thanks for a great tour. As a coach operator we organize quite a few events that include guides and I must say yours was the best I have come across...thanks for your great work...”

Andy Vine
Eastbourne Coaches

Richard Jones showing a haunted location to one of his groups.


Annabel, a student at Imperial College in London, joined Richard on his Friday night Hidden Horrors Ghost Walk. She enjoyed it enough to make it the subject of her student blog on the college website.

This is what she had to say:-

“Our tour guide, Richard Jones, who possesses a superbly oratory and expressive voice, guided us from place to place in the local area.

The guide put in neat bits of acting, stuttering or pausing to flinch as his delivery was distracted by unseen flickers in the background, throwing cautious glances, askance, and making all of us jump with perfectly timed volume changes in his storytelling.

"BANG!" he screamed at one point, and "AAAAAARRGGH!!!!" at another, into the face of a poor girl who instinctively replied "AAAARRRRGGGHH!!!!!!!" right back.

Odd. Historical. Exercising. Spooky. Fun!”

Annabel's Student Blog
Imperial College, London

Richard Jones walking through an alleyway.


The staff social club from the department store Caleys in Windsor booked their own private London Ghost Tour with Richard.

As it transpired the skies opened that night and the rain came hurtling down.

However, this didn't detract from their enjoyment and one of the participants published the following report in the staff newsletter:-

“Onwards and we find ourselves on the night in question being battered about by horrendous high winds and torrential rain.

I was surprised to see the coach was full. If anything can get this amount of people out on a night like this it must be something special.

On stepping out of the coach it came as a bit of a shock to be confronted by a man all dressed in black, who turned out to be our guide.

Now, why was I with umpteen layers and coats on shivering on this vicious night and our guide was in just an old fashioned suit and looked perfectly warm.

The guide's name was Richard, and what a clever dick he turned out to be! I mean that in the nicest possible way, as this man was a STAR. Not only was he a great orator, but he was also a first rate magician. A great evening out enjoyed by everyone I am sure...”

Staff Newsletter
Caleys, Windsor

Richard Jones alongside a haunted phone box.


On a dark and wet Saturday night, Michelle Armstrong joined Richard's Alleyways and Shadows Old City Ghost Walk.

Sheltering in one of the old covered alleyways that the tour ventures in to, she experienced something that proved somewhat distracting, not to say disturbing.

Now, it must be said that this particular alleyway is one of those aforementioned hotspots when it comes to paranormal occurrences, and many people sense a certain something when passing through it. So Michelle's experience was very much business as usual at this decidedly creepy location.

Here is how Michelle put it in her subsequent email:-

“I just wanted to mail you to tell you about something that happened to us whilst we were on your tour of the alleyways and shadows last night.

Whilst you were talking, some of us had taken shelter in a covered alleyway. You were talking in front of the alleyway in front of a window above was some particularly spectacular Victorian decorative works on the building.

A ghosly face in a window.

I cannot recall what you were talking about because from the other end of that alley way there seemed to be a commotion.

We (there were 4 of us) could all hear, whilst you were still talking there was a woman's scream. Then it went quiet apart from the sounds of some keys jangling.

When it came time to pass through, we all stopped and let you go ahead, actually for fear of what was around the corner. Once around the corner, and to my surprise, there was not a street as expected, where revelers may have been, just an entrance to a restaurant.

Absolutely no one around...Just thought I would share that...

Hope to see you again sometime! Had a really enjoyable evening. Thank you”

Michelle Armstrong
Tour Participant


So, if you really want to explore haunted London on a ghost walk, be sure to do so with London's premier ghost walk guide and enjoy an unrivalled opportunity to uncover the creepy alleyways and old graveyards that lie scattered about the darker recesses of the hidden city.

In his company you will see and experience more of the paranormally active locations of old London.

In short, you won't just visit places where ghosts have been known to appear, but you will also encounter the places where they are still known to appear.

Which, if you think about it, is exactly what you should expect from a ghost walk!

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